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Question of the Day — Writing #3

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Today’s Question of the Day — Writing #3

Free to all who use their services, public libraries and librarians are especially valuable because they offer free resources that may be difficult to find elsewhere, such as help with online job searchers as well as resume and job material development.

Which choice most effectively sets up the examples given at the end of the sentence?

a. No change
b. During periods of economic recession,
c. Although their value cannot be measured,
d. When it comes to the free services libraries provide,

Step 1: remember, unlike the reading section, in the writing section the first thing you look at are the answer choices. There it becomes obvious where the mistake is in the sentence.

You see that the opening phrase is setting up what will come next in the sentence. If you notice it upon your first reading, you can immediately eliminate answer choice D when looking at the answers because there is a comma missing after services. To decide which other options to eliminate, you have to look at the rest of the sentence.

Step 2: Look at the rest of the excerpt. The focus of the rest of the sentence is on services being free. The best answer in the answer bank should address something that would make free services especially valuable.

Step 3: Complete process of elimination. Answer choices A and C provide no details that would make free services more valuable and you already eliminated answer choice D under step 1. That leaves answer choice B as the best answer.

Answer: Choice B

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